Russia’s first monument to extra-terrestrial aliens opened in Perm region.

2/8 Tass 299

PERM, August 2 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia’s first ever monument to Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO, has been unveiled in the Perm territory in East European Russia.

A statue depicting an alien was set up in the village of Molebka located in the vicinity of the notorious Perm anomalous zone, a place well-known to ufologists: puzzling UFOs are quite often observed there.

The wooden alien 1.8 meter tall is bending on one knee as though trying to see his lot on the foreign land. The expression on the face featuring prolate eyes is rather said – the creature might have dropped behind his fellow traveler to get stuck on an alien planet.

The author is a local woodcarver, Viktor Sazanov.

“This is the first monument to aliens in Russia,” Russian ufologist, head of the Russian ufology station, Nikolai Subbotin, told Itar-Tass. Actually, it is a personification of the brand of the Molebka anomalous zone.” According to Subbotin, next on the agenda is a UFO museum and an association of anomalous sister zones. For these ends, he said, he planned to contact ufologists in U.S.’ Roswell, New Mexico, where an alleged extra-terrestrial spacecraft crashed in 1947.

Notably, road traffic signs featuring a flying saucer have been installed along roads around the Molebka village.

The Perm Anomalous Zone (M-zone, M-s triangle) was discovered in 1989. It is situated in Russia, Ural region, near village Molebka, approximately 280 km from Yekaterinburg, at space of 70 square kilometers. It is famous for constant UFO-cases of various kinds and contacts with representatives of other civilizations. This place is said to be landing-spot of space ships, coming from other Galaxies. Nearly everyone who visited this place experienced something unknown, enigmatic, some presence of miracle forces. The place is said to be highly energetic, and only positive influence on the human health has been noticed. More to this, there were cases of full recovery of the sick people without any medical treatment, traditional or not. People often see “energy balls” and “coloured lightnings,” and fuzzy human-like figures here. Ufologists say there are places within the zone where there is no magnetic field.

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