Russia urges UN, EU, NATO to prevent Pristina attempts to take control of Serb regions

MOSCOW, August 9 (Itar-Tass) —— Russia has called on the United Nations, NATO and the European Union to prevent Pristina’s attempts of taking control over Serbian regions of Kosovo by force, ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Tuesday.

“According to news agencies, the KFOR commander coordinated with Belgrade and Pristina on August 5 a temporary plan of control along the administrative border in the north of the Serbian autonomous district of Kosovo,” he said. “As you know, the situation there exacerbated after the July 25 attempt of the Kosovo Albanian authorities to seize checkpoints.”

“The aforesaid decision resulted from a forced compromise between Belgrade and Pristina,” he said. “We think that this decision is bound to reduce tensions in the northern areas of Kosovo. We also think that such agreements must meet the interest of people for whose benefit they are made, in this case, residents of the territory.”

“One cannot ignore concerns of people in northern municipalities of Kosovo who, proceeding from personal experience, have no trust in the promises of the Kosovo Albanian authorities,” Lukashevich said.

“Alas, it is highly probable that despite the commitment to abstain from armed acts made on August 5, Pristina may fall into temptation and try to subordinate Serbian districts of Kosovo by force,” he said. “We call on the UN, NATO and the EU, which are present in that territory, to show maximum responsibility and prevent such developments. In compliance with resolution 1244, the UN Security Council is bound to monitor the situation permanently,” Lukashevich said.

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