Russian leader calls for tough anti-smoking laws to tackle obesity and excessive sex

Big News Network (ANI)
Tuesday 19th February, 2013

A senior Russian leader has called for tough laws similar to the smoking ban to crack down on over-eating and ‘excessive’ sex.

The country’s Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has said that banning smoking in public places doesn’t go far enough and laws should tackle obesity and sex too, the Daily Mail reported.

Zhirinovsky – also the parliament’s deputy speaker – told a local radio that eating restrictions are necessary as people are overfed and too fat.

He said Russian people die twenty years earlier than the rest of the world because they eat and smoke excessively and have too much sex.

Under his plans, people would be issued with a voucher giving them permission to make love just once every three months.

“Sex should be restricted to one time per quarter through issuing licenses, quotas or coupons,” he explained.

And smokers should only be allowed to light up when they’re alone in their own home or car, Zhirinovsky said. (ANI)

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