Russian man “knows who killed JFK”

Curious to get an answer to one of the most celebrated unsolved cases of the 20th century? Well, one Russian man is willing to give a tip – if proved to be sane by local police.

A resident of the Tula Region in Central Russia contacted his local police station on Thursday to offer his help with an investigation which remains open for more than 50 years – the murder of the 35th US president, J.F. Kennedy.

The Tula resident claims he knows the name of the killer.

The police are now to determine the man’s mental abilities.

John F. Kennedy, the President of the USA from 1961-1963, was killed while travelling in a motorcade in the Texas city of Dallas.

Kennedy was in a presidential limousine together with his wife Jacqueline, when he was shot in his head and neck with a sniper rifle.

Although the investigation results provided dozens of volumes of evidence, no final decision was ever made concerning the motives, the assailant and the contractor of the murder.

The alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was himself killed shortly after the assassination, and President Kennedy’s case remains shrouded in mystery.

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