Russian Mayor’s Order to Dance Triggers Deputy’s Resignation

MOSCOW, December 26 (RIA Novosti) – A deputy to the mayor of the western Russian city of Smolensk resigned from his post after he refused the mayor’s order to dance at a New Year’s party, local daily Rabochiy Put reported on Wednesday.

Alexander Bochkaryov said he had been thinking of resigning, but Mayor Nikolai Alasheyev’s attitude at the New Year’s corporate party for municipal staff was the last straw.

According to Bochkaryov, when the music began to play at the party the mayor stood up and shouted: “Everybody dance.”

“Having seen that I was not on the dance floor, he showed great surprise, since the order was for everyone. He made a remark to me in a very insulting manner, ending with: ‘In fact, just resign,’” Bochkaryov said.

The former deputy mayor, who was in charge of social policy in Smolensk, said he did not need to be told twice and submitted a letter of resignation immediately afterward.


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