Russian military could recruit mice to detect weapons explosives drugs

Big News Network (ANI)
Wednesday 20th February, 2013

The Russian military could recruit mice to detect weapons, explosives and drugs, it has been emerged.

According to experts mice are seen as fast and versatile in underground operations.

They are potentially superior to dogs in detecting explosives and ammunition as well as seeking out human hostages, it is claimed.

According to the Daily Mail, sources in Moscow say mice have been used already by the Israeli military in counter terrorist situations.

If they pass a series of exacting tests at a secret location, the creatures could be deployed not only by GRU military intelligence, but also other Russian secret services better known for honeytraps than mousetraps, reported Izvestia newspaper.

Russian expert Anton Venediktov said that mice could be taught to detect the smell of certain substances

Feeling it, they run to a special place in their cage, and make a certain pose, he added.

They have a ‘less complicated central nervous system’ than some other animals.

According to the paper, it is claimed that their behaviour is ‘more stable’, making them ideal for 007-style roles. (ANI)

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