Russian Opposition Figure Faces Financial Probe

Russian TV-host-turned-opposition-activist Ksenia Sobchak will have her tax declarations, bank accounts and business projects scrutinized for any possible wrongdoing, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said on Friday.

The probe was launched following the search of her apartment on Monday when investigators impounded a large amount of cash – over 1 million euros, $480,000 and 480,000 rubles ($16,000) – as part of a case that has been opened into the “riots” in central Moscow on May 6 ahead of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president.

Investigators want to ascertain the source of that cash and make sure that no laws or regulations have been broken, Markin said.

Sobchak, who is the daughter of President Vladimir Putin’s late St. Petersburg boss and mentor, wrote in her twitter account that an investigator with a rank of major told her in so many words that she would have had no problem if she had not fallen in with bad company.

“Marry a Chekist,” he told her, referring to a secret police officer.


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