Russian rescue route

Tokyo to Venice – a trip to remember, especially when it’s to the world’s oldest film festival. The lucky traveller is Aleksey German Jr. whose short film – From Tokyo – will be part of the Orizzonti program at the Venice International Film Festival.

­The 10-minute film focuses on people whose professions are dedicated to saving the lives of others. Although his subjects have long quit their noble jobs, once a rescuer – always a rescuer. So no sooner do they learn of the catastrophe in Japan, than they are up and off.  

The son of a genius filmmaker, German Jr. was quoted as saying that it is a story about people whose actions speak louder than words, and who care deeply about others.

One of Russia’s most promising directors has become a regular at the Lido.

In 2008, his drama Paper Soldier exploring one of the most exciting moments in Soviet history – the first human space flight – won accolades from film buffs at the Venice Film Festival, where the director picked up a Silver Lion award. In 2009 his short feature, Kim, part of the film almanac Crush, was also screened in Venice. His drama Garpastum vied for the Golden Lion Award back in 2005.

“Cinema should communicate, speak with the viewers, even if it’s a complex film. Sure, you can’t please everybody, you shouldn’t even try to. For instance, I don’t think that tens of millions of viewers will watch my films. That’s the reality, there’s nothing I can do about it. What is possible, though, is to find a circle of soul-mates that you feel close to. This is important. Film cannot do without an audience,” the director told RT earlier this year, at Cannes.

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