Russian ship detained in Yemen released – Foreign Ministry

A Russian vessel detained in Yemeni territorial waters in the Red Sea on Tuesday has been released, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

The Yemeni coastguard detained the fishing vessel Magena in Yemeni territorial waters and escorted it to a port in Hodeidah province. The coastguard said 19 weapons of various kinds were found on board the ship.

The Foreign Ministry said the Russian Embassy in the capital, Sanaa, was in contact with Yemeni officials as soon as news of the detention of the vessel was released.

“The competent Yemeni authorities were given the necessary explanation concerning the route and purposes of the ship’s voyage. They allowed the ship to leave the port of Salif and head for its destination,” the Ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry also warned the ship’s owners, whose vessels were in Yemeni territorial waters, to take precautions because of the “complicated situation in the Republic of Yemen.”

Almost 1,500 people have been killed in Yemen since clashes between pro-government forces and the opposition began in February.


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