Siberian Bailiffs Catch Debtor with Pizza

MOSCOW, December 10 (RIA Novosti) – Proving themselves to be the most ingenious officials in the nation’s service, Russia’s bailiffs used a pizza delivery service to collar a charge-dodging deadbeat dad, they said on Tuesday.

The unnamed man run up a debt of 100,000 rubles ($3,300) in court-ordered alimony payments, the Krasnoyarsk Region branch of the Federal Bailiff Service said.

The alleged alimony dodger, who runs a small pizza delivery service in the town of Lesosibirsk, avoided all attempts to contact him, Krasnoyarsk bailiffs said on their website.

But the bailiffs were aware he handled deliveries himself – which prompted them to order a pizza to their office, the report said.

The wanted man did handle the delivery, and was presented upon arrival with a formal notice informing him that he is charged with alimony dodging and faces a year in prison.

It remained unclear whether the bailiffs really wanted the pizza.

This is not the first time the Federal Bailiff Service has resorted to clever tricks in their crackdown on debtors: in 2009, a female bailiff in Novosibirsk flirted with another deadbeat dad online in order to lure him on a date where he had his Nissan Sunny confiscated. The list of things her colleagues have confiscated from debtors includes cats, cows, felt boots and bananas.

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