Siberian Bailiffs Raid Shop, Seize Sex Dolls

MOSCOW, January 9 (RIA Novosti) – The ever-expanding list of exotic property confiscated from Russian debtors gained one more highlight after bailiffs in eastern Siberia raided a sex shop to collect its goods in lieu of money.

The owner of the shop in central Chita had run up a debt of 90,000 rubles ($3,000) in tax payments and pension contributions, local news website said on Wednesday.

When bailiffs came to the store to collect the debt, the businessman proposed that they take two blow-up dolls for payment, the report said.

The bailiffs agreed to take the synthetic women and put them up for sale, but the dolls were valued at a combined 11,500 rubles ($400). The 34-year-old store owner, whose name was withheld, reportedly agreed to pay off the rest in cash instead of merchandise.

Property seized from debt dodgers by Russian bailiffs in the past include metal doors, dog clothes, human underpants, felt boots, a variety of domestic animals from dachshunds and Persian cats to pigs and cows, a cache of bananas and even a helicopter.


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