South Russian Region to Stop Hiring Chinese Labor

KRASNODAR, June 5 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s southern Krasnodar region plans to cancel quotas for hiring Chinese laborers in 2014 after numerous breaches of the law by Chinese migrant workers, the regional government said on Wednesday after a meeting of the regional security council.

During the meeting, regional Federal Security Council chief Mikhail Vlasenko called the situation with Chinese citizens “outrageous.”

“In the Krasnoarmeisky, Kalininsky, Seversky, Kurgansky, Mostovsky, Labinsky and Dinsky districts, we have exposed and brought to account 400 migrants who were engaged in growing fruit and vegetables for sale in central Russia. Analysis of these fruits and vegetables showed that the heavy metals content exceeded the norm by a thousand times,” Vlasenko was quoted as saying in a regional government statement.

The Federal Migration Service’s regional department head Igor Semenyakin said local law-enforcement agencies had caught 97 Chinese citizens illegally working in the region.

Krasnodar Region Governor Alexander Tkachyov has instructed the regional government to fight illegal migration “systemically.”

“The governor stressed that all labor migrants must know what they will face for breaking the law,” Tkachyov was quoted as saying in the statement.


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