The T-90S displays its potential in the sands of Arabia

The T-90S displays its potential in the sands of Arabia

18.02.2013 — News


The Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, OJSC presented its modernized T-90S tank in its new livery at the IDEX International Defence Exhibition and Conference, which opened in Abu Dhabi on February 17, 2013.

UVZ’s press office told RusBusinessNews that this combat vehicle was first demonstrated in September 2011 and made a good showing, but only now at the exhibition in the United Arab Emirates the T-90S is showing foreign buyers what it can do in action. The new tank is more maneuverable, manageable, and powerful. The designers improved the fire-control system, installed new software and hardware to help it navigate on the battlefield, and replaced the reactive armor and sighting system.

In addition to the T-90S, the corporation also brought the Terminator tank support combat vehicle to Abu Dhabi, which is the main exhibit in the company’s outdoor venue. For the first time at a major international show the examples of 82-mm mortars and a prototype of the KPM testing and verification vehicle are being demonstrated. The KPM is designed to service and maintain guns, sights, weapons stabilizers, fire-control systems, equipment-control assemblies, and self-propelled guns.



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