TNK-BP Russian Shareholders Consider Sale

TNK-BP Russian Shareholders Consider Sale

Published: October 10, 2012 (Issue # 1730)

MOSCOW — BP’s billionaire Russian partners in TNK-BP indicated Tuesday that they are considering selling their stake in the oil joint venture.

Moscow-based TNK-BP is jointly owned by BP and AAR, a group of Russian billionaire shareholders. The two partners have been locked in a boardroom dispute for much of the group’s existence. In June, BP said it intended to sell its 50 percent in TNK-BP, which AAR signaled it would be interested in buying. Among the other bidders for the share is Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft, chaired by Putin’s former energy tsar Igor Sechin.

On Tuesday, AAR’s chief executive Stan Polovets said it had notified BP of its intention to sell its holding as well. Polovets said AAR would still like to buy out BP, but added that this notice to sell the stake should give it “flexibility” in resolving the shareholder situation in case their own bid fails.

In case Rosneft buys out BP, AAR may be able to sell its stake through an IPO, Polovets said.

A source close to AAR, who refused to be named because he was unauthorized to comment publicly, said that Russian group’s move would provide the Russian shareholders with an exit strategy in case Rosneft wins the bid for BP’s stake. The source said that the AAR shareholders doubt that Rosneft has the technology or expertise to match BP’s and this could hamper TNK-BP’s international expansion.

TNK-BP has been a key asset for BP, representing 27 percent of its reserves and 29 percent of its production. Its stake, when sold, could fetch some $15 billion.

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