Top officials to be paid according to their performance

Russian MPs are debating whether to introduce performance-related pay for top officials.

Under the amendment, specific targets relating to pay will be stated in contracts, so officials will only receive their full salaries if they meet all their targets.

Their salaries will also consist of a fixed part, a rank-related part and a part depending on the amount of classified data they handle.

If the amendment is adopted, the new pay rules will apply to officials selected by the heads of government bodies from January 2012.

This comes soon after the country hiked the fines for bribes by up to a hundred times.

Over 700 officials had their legal immunity annulled last year, so that they could face corruption charges.

The Investigative Committee says several judges and prosecutors, more than 200 members of regional parliaments and a Duma deputy were among those found guilty.

Meanwhile, a sociological research study has revealed that over a third of the country’s population believe all bribe-takers and speculators should be shot.

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