Unemployment, Corruption Named Main Problems of Caucasus

Corruption remains widespread in North Caucasus, while anti-crime efforts are hampered by high unemployment, Russian Security Council Chief Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday.

“Law-enforcement and security problems in the North Caucasus are far from being solved,” he said, adding that the unemployment rate, which is among Russia’s highest, breeds criminal activity.

He also said that economic crimes constitute a major share in the overall number of crimes committed in the region.

“Relevant authorities failed to significantly decrease the number of frauds and budget embezzlements,” Patrushev said.

Moreover, the danger of ethnic extremism persists, especially among young people.

“We also have serous concerns about how well energy and water sources, transport infrastructure, educational and medical facilities, trade centers and other socially important sites are being protected from terrorist attacks,” he said.


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