Venezuela to Host Russian Helicopter Repair Center

Russia is planning to open a helicopter repair center in Venezuela later in the year, a senior official with Russia’s state-owned hi-tech conglomerate Rostechnologii said on Monday.

“We expect to open the first line of a helicopter repair center in South America, namely in Venezuela,” said Sergei Goreslavsky, who is in charge of the company’s foreign operations, to journalists during an international machinery forum in the town of Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

The repair center is expected to become fully operational within two or three years, he added. It will serve Russian-made helicopters purchased by Venezuela as well as other South American states.

Goreslavsky added that top-selling Russian carmaker, AvtoVaz, was also expected to sign an agreement with South American partners during the forum, to promote its cars in regional markets.

The “Technologies in Mechanical Engineering 2012” forum, which involves approximately 200 Russian companies, as well as more than two dozen firms from Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, India, Italy, China, Singapore, Ukraine and France, will run until July 1.


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