Wedding Party Detained by Police Over Shooting

MOSCOW, November 13 (RIA Novosti) – Nine drivers in a wedding cortege face charges after firing a gun in Moscow, the police said on Tuesday.

The wedding party was driving through western Moscow when at least four shots were fired into the air. The police urged them to stop, but when they continued driving the police blocked the road, a police spokesperson told RIA Novosti.

“During a search of one of the cars, the police found two guns, about 50 bullets, handcuffs, a flashing light and a baseball bat,” the spokesperson said.

The eight drivers detained face fines for more minor offenses, the unnamed gunman could be charged with hooliganism – which carries a prison sentence.

In September, a wedding motorcade caused shock and alarm among the capital’s residents when guests started shooting into the air and blocked a road in the city center. At least 15 people were detained over that incident. They were quickly released and faced minor administrative charges.


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