Has America Taken the Soviet Path to Fail?

Now that we (USA) have officially extended our Afghanistan withdrawal to 2014 and or beyond.

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The only question left is how long will the longest war in American history be and will it take us into a grave like the Soviet version of the war back in 79 to 89? It has also been declared that we will never leave Afghanistan and that NATO was disavowing a 2014 leave date, that we would be out way before 2014. Looks like we were wrong!

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On Oct. 7, 2001 the US attacked Afghanistan. If we continue to the minimum that they call for of 2014. It will be around 13 years. We are very blessed that we do not have a Soviet empire and other countries that supports Afghanistan against us. Like we (USA) did with a number of other countries, including Saudi Arabia who offered the greatest financial support to go against the Soviet Empire. It looks to me like we would have been toast years ago if everyone had ganged up on us like we did to the Soviet Union.

Looks like Afghanistan is the graveyard of Empires!

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Windows to Russia!

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