Letter About START!

I just had to try this and see if you would really let me post something. I still remember when you banned me from the site. WB

The letter was written by the Republicans and contains quite tough remarks regarding the coming discussion of the US- strategic arms reduction treaty (START) in the Senate. Here is an extract from the letter: “We are troubled by the Administration’s push to ratify the New START Treaty amid outstanding concerns regarding intentions, missile defense limitations and nuclear modernization… We believe the Senate should not be rushed in its deliberations. Therefore, we urge the Senate not to vote on the new START Treaty in the lame duck congressional session.” 

Two more quotes:

“We reject the notion that Russia can set terms for our missile defenses”

“The outcome of the treaty will undoubtedly impact national security policy”.

The rest of the letter that I have not been able to find is along the same words. I thought that mayby you would like to see this because it is not widespread. You have not said anything yet. So it looks worse as we get to the month to see START finished. It is no longer stupid commies but now stupid Yanks! Hope I did it all right!


You can do what you want if you don’t like it erase it. It took me two attempts to get it like you would do it. I want to post a picture though!

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