The USA is Becoming Another Russia!

Problem: Our stimulus money gave a $141,002 federal grant to Montana State University to fund a six-week, student trip to Hangzhou, China, to study dinosaur eggs and other fossils.

Opinion: Congress works for the Mafia and some Godfathers kid wanted to go to China and study dinosaurs.

All levels of government have become like Russia, it has become a autocratic Mafia state, with corrupt politicians and Union bosses taking bribes so the elite can make billions, forcing us to pay more and more in taxes so the elite can make more and more money with their so called honest businesses like health care, medical supply, defense contractor, HUD , food stamps, etc. The elite makes money with all this from your tax dollars. The elite make millions and billion of dollars that our government pays out to them from taxes or borrows to pay to them.

Yes, a few small time folks just like in Russia, make money also, but it was passed by our corrupt Congress so the elite could make billions of dollars. Local and State governments are the same way. It is corrupted all the way down the ladder. They feed off each other and cost the taxpayers trillions. This corrupt politicians forced us into paying income tax (against our Constitution), forces laws and regulations on us that are not Constitutional, now forced health care, forced Social Security, so what will be next that is forced on us. Wake up you sheepal!

You are being demoralized daily and more and more of your wealth is being stolen.

Congress, the Mafia State, is all about them the elite making money not about you keeping your money. Whatever they tell you is a LIE. They are looking for ways to stick the knife in deeper into your wallet.

Congratulations on the New Russian Empire the USofA!


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