­Mayor reaches out to Moscow theaters

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has declared the intention to renovate all city theaters in two to three years’ time. Some 7 billion rubles (approximately $242 million) is to be invested in the project.

­“We need to make necessary calculations and over two to three years put all the theaters to rights, renovate them and equip with up-to-date inventory,” Sobyanin said.

According to the mayor, the proposed sum of 7 billion rubles will only cover extensive repair works. Building new facilities and all other construction works will require additional funding.

The Moscow mayor spoke on Wednesday during his visit to The Nikitsky Gate Theater, one of the city’s central theaters, which is currently under renovation. Sergey Sobyanin came to oversee the course of works in person.

This is yet another ambitious initiative put forward by Sergey Sobyanin. This man of decision has already stunned Muscovites with his endless road patching works, brick sidewalks and the planned extension of Moscow’s boundaries.

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