‘Cameroon president wants Anzhi jersey’ – Eto’o

The latest big signing for Anzhi, Cameroon star striker Samuel Eto’o, has arrived in Moscow and given his first news conference on Russian soil.

“The Anzhi project is very interesting,” he said in Spanish. “I always try to feel happy in my life, and at this very moment I’m greatly happy.”

“I never contemplate to score this or that number of goals. What’s important for me is to enjoy playing and make other people happy,” he added.

Speaking about what he knows about his new club, the Cameroonian admitted he had little time to learn a lot about Anzhi, adding though, that the Dagestani side is now in the process of shaping as the big team, and pledged to meet the club’s owners’ expectations.

“I’ve won everything as a player. Now I embrace an opportunity to make the whole way from the very beginning,” he said.

Answering the uncomfortable question about his feelings as the highest-paid footballer in the world, Eto’o bit the bullet.

“Money is not the most important thing for me. I came from Cameroon, and all I want is to be happy and make others happy,” he repeated.

The Cameroonian also shared that he had already ordered 10 Anzhi jerseys bearing his name.

“I will play for Cameroon soon,” he said, hinting that he will present them to some of his teammates, and added, “Besides, the country’s president and his children have also ordered a jersey.”

Samuel Eto’o is expected to make his debut in the Russian Premier League on Saturday in Rostov.

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