‘NTC – former Gaddafi conies turned West’s puppies’

NTC has never been a democratic body that represents Libyan people, right from the beginning. It emerged through a political struggle in the country, its path shelled by West’s bombs, states Patrick Hayes, a reporter from London.

­“It is very much more an association of former conies of Gaddafi, who were cherry-picked by western leaders for their roles”, Hayes told RT. This does not give them much of legitimacy in the eyes of Libyan people, he stressed.

West basically stepped in the civil war in Libya to bomb a path for the Transitional Council to follow. By these foreigners actually took the democratic initiative from the Libyan people, hindering the organic process of establishing democracy, the reporter explained.

And it is Western powers who celebrated the murder of former strongman Gaddafi. Instead of Libyan people.

“And now you have Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy championing this [the killing of Col. Gaddafi] as one of their achievements. Though they were never clear of that from the start,” claimed Hayes.

­Anti-Islamic fears used to extend NATO presence

Announcements come that Islamic sharia law will be the basis of legislation in newly liberated Libya. This news has raised concerns, especially among women, despite Islamists insisting moderation will prevail.  Also worries are about it not being a secular society – where all religions can expect to be treated fairly.

As historically Libya has a very moderate form of Islam, there are no signs extremism may emerge in the political life there, reassures Patrick Hayes.

This “Bogey-Man” of Islamic extremism is only be used by NATO to scaremonger the people and justify the military presence of the western powers in the country, believes the reporter.

Anyway the main problem remains on the surface – NTC, an actual puppet of the West, depends fully on the foreign support and guidance. At the same time it does not genuinely represent the people of the Libya, but only serves interests of the invaders.

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