‘US becoming a police state’

The United States is boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific – a fact underlined during President Obama’s state visit to Australia. Alice Slater from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation says the US is becoming a police state.

­Two-and-a-half-thousand American troops will be stationed there over the next few years, in an apparent move to blunt China’s growing influence in the region.

Alice Slater in her interview with RT reminded of the article on foreign policy that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has written this month “about a new Pacific era for the US and they are going to beef up their military forces there, to maintain sea lanes.”

“They say it shamelessly that they are going to maintain the same kind of authority now in the Pacific that we have always had in the Atlantic with NATO.”

What the recent move regarding Australia means, according to Slater, is that the US are now taking other countries into “a whole new military-economic alliance.”

The analyst believes that this is “a provocative, miserable 20th-century-old-paradigm way of looking at the world”.

She also adds that the US is being “very unrealistic”:

“We are not going to have the money to pay for it anyway. We had this ‘American Century’ after WWII, but we have to go into a more cooperative paradigm, and they just do not get it – Hillary [Clinton] does not get it, Obama does not get it. The US Congress is spending a lot of money on the military.” So, the US is now becoming a police state, Slater added.

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