‘US in job emergency!’

President Barack Obama is to speak before US Congress to tackle the ongoing job crisis gripping America. It follows reports that no new jobs were created in the country during August – a real job crisis, says politician Neil Sroka.

­Obama’s speech will certainly grip some 24 million Americans, who are unemployed or under-employed.

Neil Sroka, the press secretary at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, hopes Obama is in position to make real proposals.

“We have got a job emergency right now in this country,” Sroka told RT. “The reality is that we have got to have massive direct government job creation if we want to get through this job crisis.

Sroka says that despite Republican opposition to massive investment in job creation, which might cost up to $400 billion, the idea is widely supported by  Americans.

More than deficit reduction, the Americans want jobs, and they want jobs now. If the Republicans are not going to listen, then the president will have rallies in the home districts of Republicans obstructing massive job creation,” he added.

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