“Gaddafi, get lost either way”

The American leadership has voiced two desired scenarios that would bring Muammar Gaddafi out of the play called Operation Odyssey Dawn.

­US President Barack Obama gave an interview to CNN in which he expressed concern that Gaddafi might try to lie low and try to sit out the coalition’s operation, but, Obama promised, the international community will persist in seeking Colonel Gaddafi’s resignation and he aims to use both military and economic tools to do so. He has not mentioned, though, which position exactly the Libyan leader should leave, since Muammar Gaddafi does not occupy any official post in the country’s leadership.

Obama maintains that the coalition is not targeting Gaddafi in person and is not planning to arm scattered Libyan opposition. Barack Obama also stated his belief that Operation Odyssey Dawn was going well.

In the meantime, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told BBC of reports that Colonel Gaddafi’s men were seeking ways to evacuate the Libyan leader from the country. Clinton expressed doubts about reports of such activities being true and said this could be a part of Gaddafi’s counter-intelligence move, but confirmed that such a departure would be most welcome. She also said there is still no proof that one of Gaddafi’s sons is dead.

After  the UN adopted resolution 1973 for a no- fly zone over Libya on March 17, a coalition of NATO-member countries started military operations against the Gaddafi regime, destroying the country’s military infrastructure with pinpoint air strikes and cruise missiles. The Libyan media reports more than 60 dead and over 100 hundred wounded on  Libyan territory as a result of these operations.

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