“I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians!” French star

The star of That Obscure Object of Desire, the former Bond girl and Chanel model, French actress Carole Bouquet has revealed her uncompromising attitude to directors, actors and politicians.

­In an exclusive interview with RT, one of France’s most sought-after actors praised by presidents Francois Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy, among others, said that despite popular belief, she doesn’t see anything in common between actors and politicians.

“No, absolutely not!” the actress who has a number of times met the two French presidents tet-a-tet exclaims.

“Politicians are obsessed with power, we are not! The actors I like are poets. They are out of that world, they are gypsies. Unlike politicians, you don’t want to impose your view, you want to share a story,” Bouquet explained.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with politicians, even though I work with them through my charity. But I fight them all the time,” added the actress well-known for her charity work.

But as she speaks of her job as an actress on set, one of France’s most beautiful women doesn’t become less demanding.

“When you arrive on the set you know from the first minute almost if the director knows what he is doing or not. Even a good director can sometimes make mistakes.”

She’s worked with such gurus as Louis Bunuel and Francis Ford Coppola, but says “you don’t do beautiful movies all the time, even though you try.”

“I’ve been extremely lucky already to have done more than one. I started with Bunuel. But sometimes you do have to wait between movies to feel the same satisfaction, the same pleasure, the same joy of sharing something, and it’s quite rare.”

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