12 injured in household gas blast in Russia’s south to be taken to Moscow

Emergencies ministry’s specialists decided to transfer 12 out of 55 people, injured in a household gas tank explosion in Russia’s southern republic of North Ossetia, to Moscow.

A gas tank exploded on Saturday during wedding celebrations in the North Ossetian city of Vladikavkaz injuring 55 people, with 20 of them receiving bad injuries.

“Following a medical expertise of the injured, it was decided to transfer to Moscow 12 injured people, including three children,” a spokesman for the local emergencies ministry said.

According to the preliminary information, the blast was caused by the depressurization of a gas tank.

Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry Il-76 plane with mobile medical units on board arrived in Vladikavkaz on Saturday at 21:43 Moscow time (17:43 GMT).


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