2 Shot Dead In Restaurant

2 Shot Dead In Restaurant

Published: May 30, 2012 (Issue # 1710)

A criminal investigation has been opened into a fatal shooting that took place in a local restaurant, resulting in the deaths of two people Sunday night.

The shootout began in the courtyard of the Camelot restaurant at 27 Shosse Revolyutsii when an unidentified man approached the owner of the restaurant and shot him with a handgun, Interfax reported.

The victim fought back, snatching the gun out of the attacker’s hand and firing back at him. The attacker then regained the weapon, shot the victim several more times and fled the scene.

The victim’s brother chased after the attacker in his car, caught him and took him back to the scene of the crime. There both the victim and the attacker died from the gunshot wounds they had sustained.

The police have not yet determined whether or not the attacker was a hit man hired for reasons connected to the restaurant owner’s business activities.

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