2012 Olympic committee bans almost everything

The London Organizing Committee has made the list of the things the sports fans are not allowed to bring to the stadiums during the summer Olympics in London. Besides vuvuzelas the black list in particular includes drinks, food and cell phones. The fans who order ticket at the website of the Olympics are being warned about these bans.

A standard procedure of buying tickets online – you insert the number of you banking card, click automatically the word “I accept the terms of the agreement” and wait for confirmation of your order.

However in case with the coming London Olympics ticket buyers have to face the long list of the items they are not allowed to take to the stadium. It is quite possible that after that many fans will simply change their minds and prefer to watch competitions on TV.

The black list includes horns, whistles, drums, rattles, let alone notorious vuvuzelas.

You can’t bring food or drinks either, which is very unexpected and disappointing for British sport fans first of all who always liked to make picnics right at the tribunes. The organizers plan to provide food and drink right on the spot. McDonalds and Coca Cola known for the world’s unhealthiest food and drink will enjoy the producers of the healthiest food and drink during the Olympics.  It does not matter that the British society has been fighting McDonalds and Coca Cola practically at the governmental level. These companies are the official sponsors of the Olympics.

Securities won’t allow you to bring a thermos with tea or a bottle of water.  No liquids measuring over 100 ml which is half a glas can be brought in. By the way the ban on liquids was introduced in the British airports several years ago after the threats of terrorist attacks.

Besides weapons, explosives, drugs which are traditionally banned the organizers of the London Olympics have requested sport lovers not to bring their umbrellas and many coins. They fear that some fans may begin to throw them at the athletes. These fears are not groundless. The British football fans used to do such things many times.

Also securities will have the right not to let in the people dressed in T-shirts which have nothing to do with the official sponsor of the Games.

But the ban which caused an uproar among the fans of all ages is the ban on cell phones. Londoners say that even the Beijing Olympics did not have such draconian measures. Many sport fans told the newspapers that they won’t go to the competitions without their iphones. In response the organizers promised to think this issue all over again.  Maybe cell phones will be banned only at the competitions where sportsmen need silence for example at gymnastics or archery events.

In order to enter the stadium all sport fans will have to go through a scanning device just like in airports. This means that long lines in front of the Olympic venues are inevitable.

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