3 police to be fired after check into Moscow region fight

MOSCOW, September 6 (Itar-Tass) — The press service of the Moscow city police department said three officers would be fired following a check into the recent mass fight in the town of Lyubertsy, Moscow region, in which a private security guard was involved.

“Following a service check, the department’s leadership decided to fire Ensign Alexie Zhdanov, a policeman from 2nd battalion, 9th regiment of the Interior Ministry’s private security department for Moscow.

Given Zhdanov’s report, 2nd battalion commander Alexander Gutsalo will be fired as well, the press service said.

Zhdanov was relieved of his duties for failing to take the proper measures to stop the conflict and detain the persons who committed the crime resulting in the death of a person and injuries to several other citizens, the police said.

“The degree of Zhdanov’s guilt will be ascertained by investigative and judicial bodies,” the press service underlined.

Deputy 2nd battalion commander Alexander Sobolev will also leave the police ranks. Commander of 9th regiment, Moscow private security department, Vladimir Morozov, his deputy for human resources and education Sergei Pavlov, and platoon commander, 2nd battalion, Yevgeny Gagiyev had received “service incompetence” notes.

“Zhdanov’s immediate superiors were fired or disciplined for improper education and preventive work,” the Moscow city police department said.

The results of the check will be announced to 9th regiment personnel. They will be warned about the inadmissibility of any violations.

“Each officer will be held responsible for wrongdoing with all severity of the law, and his superiors will be disciplined or even relieved of their duties,” it said.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee reported that a conflict broke out between two groups of young people aged 20 to 32 in Lyubertsy on Sunday, which escalated to a fight. A 23-year-old local resident received a thrusting wound in the neck and died in the district hospital later.

A 28-year-old Ukrainian, a 19-year-old Moldovan and a 23-year-old local resident were hospitalized as well.

Police arrested a 32-year-old local resident on suspicion of the commission of the crime. The investigators said the man had fired the shots.

Criminal proceedings were opened over “murder.” The investigation continues.


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