6 Dead in Traffic Accident in European Russia

MOSCOW, January 4 (RIA Novosti) – Six people died when a bus, a truck and a car collided in European Russia, the Interior Ministry reported Saturday.

“Six people were killed and 22 injured in the accident that involved a PAZ bus, a truck and a VAZ-2114” in the Penza Region in Russia’s Volga Federal District, a ministry spokesman said.

He added that there were two children among those injured and that six people were in serious condition.

The accident occurred on the M5 Ural federal highway, emergencies services reported.

No further details were immediately available.

About 30,000 people die in traffic accidents in Russia annually. The accidents are attributed to a poor condition of roads and traffic violations, including drunk driving, running red lights and crossing into the oncoming lane.

Russian authorities have recently adopted laws to considerably toughen punishment for the most serious traffic violations.


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