Abe leading Japan in dangerous direction China

Russia News.Net
Saturday 11th January, 2014

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine and his provocative policies towards neighbouring countries are leading Japan in a very dangerous direction, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui has said.

In an article published by Russia’s Interfax news agency Friday, Li strongly condemned Abe’s Dec 26 visit to the shrine, which honoured Japan’s war dead, including 14 convicted class-A World War II war criminals, reported Xinhua.

Abe’s move challenged generally accepted rules and norms, and was “an open provocation against justice in international relations and insolent trampling of mankind’s common sense,” Li said in the article.

The real problem, Li said, was that the Japanese leadership was not ready to correctly evaluate and deeply rethink its past of militarism, aggression and colonialism, nor was it ready to obey the UN Charter and principles and follow a peaceful path.

It was a core issue concerning the line between aggression and repulsion, justice and evil, light and darkness, the Chinese diplomat said.

In addition, Abe snubbed Japan’s pacifist constitution, facilitated a sharp rise of right-wing forces, and staged a farce about the Diaoyu Islands, he said.

“The country has become the largest ‘troublemaker’ in Asia,” Li said.

In the article, Li also mentioned recently released movie “Stalingrad,” saying the popularity of the movie “confirms the two nations’ adherence to justice, their uncompromised moral position, respect to history, and decisiveness to protect the results of World War II,” Li said.

China would never accept nor tolerate Japanese militarists’ remarks and actions, which still lacked admission and repentance of the crimes they had committed, Li said.

“Japan’s attempt to deny its past as an aggressor, as well as its attempts to revive militarism, must be perceived by all people in the world with disdain and be rejected,” Li concluded.

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