Achtung! Top-drawer U2 fan wanted

If you are a U2 fan and can draw as well, here is something you might fancy. The Irish band has launched an online contest for the best cover art for their iconic Achtung Baby album, which celebrates it 20th anniversary this year.

To submit your work for the competition and win a chance to be part of the history of your idols, one needs to just enter the website and upload the image. Winners will be shortlisted by the Irish rockers’ official designer and photographer Shaughn McGrath, and director Anton Corbijn.

The idea is to pick 16 best works and compile them into a collage that will complete the album cover, same as on the original one. Achtung Baby‘s original cover art embodied the zeitgeist of the early ’90s.

If getting your work on U2 album cover is not enough, the contest offers other prizes. In case your image is worthy, you may also receive a digital camera and Achtung Baby deluxe box set. The top prize will really get you going, as this would be a custom-designed, original Achtung Baby-styled Trabant car.

You have until January 23, 2012 to submit you work for the contest. The winners will be announced on February 20.

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