Adamek promises to end Vitaly’s "great story"

Polish heavyweight, Tomasz Adamek, says he plans to finish the career of WBC champ Vitaly Klitschko, as the two fighters meet in the ring in Wroclaw, Poland on September 10.

­The boxers have had their final pre-match press conference in the City Hall of Wroclaw on Monday.

“I have the utmost respect for Vitaly, who came back at age 37 and became world champion,” Adamek is cited by as saying. “But every great story has an end, and his great story as a champion will end on Saturday. I will do everything to keep the WBC belt in Poland.”

But 40-year-old Klitschko (42-2, 39 KOs) believes the time for him to finish his career has not yet arrived.

“I know the dangers when you’re fighting too long. I have people I trust who will tell me right away that I should stop boxing,” he said. “But there’s no danger for me when I will be fighting Tomasz Adamek on September 10. I’m in top form, better than ever, because I know exactly what I did wrong in my previous fights. Everything what I do now serves a purpose, every movement in the ring is calculated, nothing is wasted. You will see the proof of it Saturday night.”

The elder of the Klitschko brothers enters the bout as firm favorite, but Adamek (44-1, 28 KOs) claims he pays no attention to what the bookies say.

“Eight years ago nobody give any chance to Corey Sanders when he knocked our Vitaly’s brother, Wladimir. They gave him even less chance than they give me now. Nobody gave any chance to Chris Byrd either, but in the end he was the winner. Why the history should not be repeated?” he wondered.

“I know how to beat Vitaly Klitschko,” the Pole concluded.

The Ukrainian champ is also aware how to do the same with Adamek, adding that he does not plan to spend all 12 rounds in the ring.  

“I kind of like you Tomek, maybe we can be friends after the fight, but on Saturday there will be no friendship between Adamek and Klitschko, because you want to take what’s mine – WBC belt, belt that was gracing the name of Muhammad Ali,
” Klitschko said. “It will not happen; I hope for a quick fight, I took him very seriously because I understand that every fight could be my last one.”

Saturday’s bout is to take place at the Miejski stadium in Wroclaw, with 42,000-strong arena already being sold out for the biggest boxing event in Polish history.

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