Airlines with less than 20 jets of same type may be barred from regular flights.

29/7 Tass

MOSCOW, July 29 (Itar-Tass) —— The Federal Air Transport Service has proposed to ban regular flights of airlines, which have less than 20 jets of the same type, service spokesman Sergei Izvolsky said on Friday.

“The Federal Air Transport Service calls for the soonest amendments to the requirements for commercial airlines. It thinks that only the airlines that have no less than 20 jets of the same type in their fleet shall have the right to regular flightsa,” he said.

He said that was the average number of aircraft used by Russia’s 15 leading airlines, which provide 90% of passenger transportation in the country, which has about 150 airlines.

“All the rest should become chartered airlines and be barred from regular flights,” he said.

Izvolsky noted that the decision would be made by the Transport Ministry.

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