AK-47 Inventor Kalashnikov in Hospital

IZHEVSK, December 25 (RIA Novosti) – Mikhail Kalashnikov, the 93-year-old inventor of the legendary AK-47 assault rifle, has been hospitalized, his assistant Nikolai Shklyaev said on Tuesday.

“He was in intensive care last Thursday,” he said, adding that he had no information about the present condition of the legendary inventor.

Shklyaev said Kalashnikov complained to him about his health before being taken to hospital last week.

“He told me ‘nothing hurts, but I feel exhausted.’ That’s all I know,” he said.

Kalashnikov’s son Viktor told RIA Novosti in a phone conversation that his father has been hospitalized for a planned health check.

“His [health condition] is normal, he was hospitalized for planned procedures, he is not in intensive care,” he said.

A hospital source who asked not to be named said, however, that Kalashnikov has been sent to intensive care upon his arrival at hospital.

“As far as I remember, he was in intensive care… unless he was moved to another unit, of course,” the source said.


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