Another Russian Sailing Ship: The Mir…

I just love these Tall Ships and it seems that Russia has a lot of them. I have had several recent articles about these ships and now we have another one coming back to port…

St. Petersburg: The crew of the training sailing-ship Mir (peace) of the State Maritime Academy (SMA) named after Adm. S.O. Makarov will be welcomed back home by brass band music at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment on Vassiliyevsky Island here on Thursday

The ship arrives in the native city after a four-month voyage along the shores of Scandinavia and Western Europe. During the voyage, the sailing-ship called at 20 ports of nine countries.

The cadets of the SMA, one of Russia’s oldest transport institutions of higher learning, and their age-mates from related educational establishments of Europe, Asia, and Africa took part in the voyage. The youths and girls not only engaged in studies under the instructional program, heard lectures and took credit tests but also got thorough systematic marinization training.

Professor Ivan Kostylev, SMA president, has told Itar-Tass, “We are proud of the fact that the Mir has an official status of St Petersburg Messenger abroad. This is confirmed by its regular participation in various events there”.

In 2011, the sailing-ship’s mission was to introduce Russia and the city of St Petersburg during the 11th Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities in the city of Gdynia (Poland) from June 12 to 16.

When the ship visited the port of Greenock (Scotland), guided tours were organized on board the Russian ship. The visitors were able to enjoy the performing skills of a Russian folklore ensemble. The sailing-ship crew took part in arranging a presentation event on the theme of “The Russian Museum: Virtual Affiliate” that embodied the idea of the accessibility of the world’s major collection of Russian arts to broadest viewership outside St Petersburg.

The sailing-ship Mir was built in 1987 and since then it has been actively used as a floating school for hundreds of SMA cadets and to the students of maritime educational establishments of Russia and other countries. During this voyage the seamen made a successful showing in large-scale international regattas.

They are so beautiful…

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