Attack on UK embassy sends strong message to West

Tension between Iran and the West are on the rise after angry protesters stormed the UK embassy in Tehran. Experts believe it sends a strong message to the West and also expresses fears of a possible attack on Iran.

Political analyst Chris Bambery told RT that the nationalist factor could unite the Iranians against the West.

For Iranians who may not be enthusiastic of President Ahmadinejad, many of them would rally against any notions of sanctions against Iran or indeed British-American NATO strike against Iran.”

Bambery believes that the incident does however reflect fears that there might be an American or Israeli attack on Iran.

He also pointed out the “hypocrisy of America and Britain in lecturing Iran about nuclear weapons it does not have or does not yet have.”

And those people who are committed to peace and don’t want to see another war should be concerned about this and should be putting pressure in Washington, London and Paris to stop any talk of further sanctions or any talk of a military strike against Tehran,” Bambery concluded.

The attack on the UK embassy sends a strong message that Iranians are very angry about the sanctions and do not want to be treated this way, Professor Seyed Mohammed Marandi from the University of Tehran told RT.

He said the Iranians believe that the British government is trying to make ordinary people suffer.

The sanctions that have been imposed by the British government have been directed against the ordinary Iranians, the banking system and therefore import and export.”

However, Marandi also noted that the Iranians are less and less interested in having relations with the West as Iran can do business elsewhere, especially with the BRICS countries.

The world is changing and the Iranians realize that Western Europe and the United States, their economies are declining.”

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