Belarus drivers protest against soaring fuel prices in central Minsk

Around 100 Belarusian drivers blocked traffic in central Minsk on Tuesday in protest against rapidly rising fuel prices.

The protesters drove at a slow speed along Minsk’s main Independence Avenue, beeping their horns and flashing their hazard lights.

The latest reports said that traffic police were still having difficulties controlling the situation an hour after the protest began.

Many cars brandished banners calling for the government to stop rising fuel prices. Police arrested one female pedestrian for carrying one of the banners.

Prices of food and fuel have soared in Belarus following the devaluation of the country’s ruble by 36 percent against the dollar in late May.

Protest movements have been scarce in Belarus since an anti-government demonstration in Minsk in December was brutally suppressed by security forces.

MINSK, June 7 (RIA Novosti)

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