Bill says holders of RF passports only can work in public sector

MOSCOW, September 1 (Itar-Tass) —— A bill referred to the State Duma on Thursday say that persons seeking employment in the public sector should be holders of the passport of citizen of the Russian Federation. The authors of the bill are deputies from the LDPR, among them head of the party’s faction Igor Lebedev, said a source in the staff of the lower house of parliament.

“The bill does not aim to prohibit foreign workers’ employment but this can be done only by organizations that do not use budget funds,” the authors note. According to the bill, in cases when a person employed is to be paid from the funds provided by the federal budget, budgets of regions of the Russian Federation or local budgets, he or she should produce the document certifying Russian citizenship. Exception is made for educational and scientific organizations and in cases stipulated by international agreements or law.

The MPs say the reason for their proposal is the flow of budget funds abroad in the form of immigrant workers pay “on which crime thrives and ethnic and social tension heightens.”

According to the standards of the operating Labor Code, “a foreign citizen cannot be in the municipal or state service”, cannot be a member of the crew of a naval ship or of an aircraft of state aviation or employed in some other areas. In this connection the MPs suggest to record in the code that “distinctions, exemptions and preferences established, as well as restriction of the rights of workers who are not citizens of the Russian Federation do not amount to discrimination.”

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