Bolshoi Theater Director Filin Says He Knows Attacker

MOSCOW, February 3 (RIA Novosti) – The Bolshoi Ballet’s Artistic Director Sergei Filin who suffered severe burns in a recent acid attack said he was “absolutely certain” he knew who was behind the attack, the BBC reported on Sunday.

“I not only have a suspicion about who did this, but I’m absolutely certain I know who did this. But I will only speak about this when investigators are ready to announce this,” Filin said in an interview with the BBC.

A masked assailant threw concentrated acid into Filin’s face and fled the scene January 17. Filin suffered third-degree burns to his face and eyes and had already undergone five operations. He is expected to fly to Germany next week to continue his treatment.

42-year-old Filin said he was sure the aim of the attack was to remove him as artistic director and destroy the prestigious Moscow ballet company’s reputation.

“Because I think we’ve done a lot, and we’re doing a lot, we’re moving in the right direction there. And someone really doesn’t like what I’ve been doing there, perhaps they don’t like the fact I’ve been successful,” he said.

Filin said he had received threats before but “brushed them aside too easily.”

“I ignored the advice of my friends to take on a driver and a bodyguard… I think that if I’d taken this more seriously and seen it as a sign of an attack, if I’d at least taken on a driver, then this never would have happened,” he said.


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