Boyle's Katie Price joke censured

Media regulator Ofcom has censured comedian Frankie Boyle and Channel 4 for broadcasting “offensive” jokes about Katie Price and her son Harvey.
Ofcom upheld 500 complaints about Boyle’s routine, broadcast in December.
It appeared to “target and mock the mental and physical disabilities” of the eight year-old, Ofcom said.
Channel 4 said it was “wholly justified in the context”. Chief executive David Abraham personally sanctioned the jokes before they were broadcast.
Katie Price was among those who complained about the comments in Boyle’s comedy series Tramadol Nights, saying they were discriminatory, offensive, demeaning and humiliating.
In response, Channel 4 said: “Nothing he says is intended as a slur on any particular community – everyone is fair game in Frankie’s eyes.” One rema…

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