Brazil shares Russia’s stand on Africa, MEast situation

MOSCOW, September 4 (Itar-Tass) — Brazil shares Russia’ s stand on the situation in Africa and the Middle East, Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota said here on Sunday, commenting on the results of his talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

“We support the Arab nations in their struggle against their authoritarian regimes and in their desire to live in a more democratic society,” Patriota said. “We favour strict observance of norms of the international law, as well as the preservation and consolidation of the central role played by the U.N. Security Council in the settlement of international problems.” He added that both Russia and Brazil favour “a peaceful settlement of all international problems.” “We shall continue to coordinate our efforts with all the BRICS countries,” he stressed.

Lavrov also pointed to the common desire of the BRICS countries to promote the termination of violence in Africa and the Middle East. “We cannot remain indifferent to the way Resolutions No. 1970 and 1973 of the U.N. Security Council are being fulfilled. The attaining of the main goal, proclaimed by the U.N. Security Council, should be started, which is the protection of the civilian population,” he said.


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