British brewers set sail on beer cruise to Russia

British brewers set sail from London on Monday along a historic naval route used to transport kegs of dark beer to Russian Empress Catherine the Great 200 years ago.

The beer, known as Russian Imperial Stout, has an alcohol content of up to 9 percent to prevent it from freezing on its journey across the Baltic Sea to the north Russian city of St. Petersburg.

At a sendoff party in London on Saturday, guests were allowed to sample the 14 Imperial Stouts made by British breweries for the journey.

Greenwhich Deputy Mayor Jim Gillman wished the expedition a safe passage on the so-called Great Baltic Adventure.

The 60 foot (18 meter) sailing clipper, the Thermopylae, will make several stopovers on its way to attend beer festivals in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. It is expected to arrive in St. Petersburg in mid-June.

LONDON, May 16 (RIA Novosti) 

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