Bruce banking on trust?

Credibility is the most important thing in a movie, they say, and there seems no shortage of trust when the name of the game is Die Hard, with Bruce Willis in the star role.

­The daredevil Hollywood star has enjoyed a stunning boom in popularity in Russia since his cocky image became part of an ubiquitous advertising campaign promoting a local bank.

The slogan accompanying Willis’s smiley face with his trademark come-hither expression, says “Trust – it’s like me, only it’s a bank.”

After the success of the campaign, for which the actor allegedly received around US $2 million, the bank reportedly made it into the Top Ten in terms of brand awareness.

Now, rumor has it that the Russian bank is considering stumping up for a 20% share in the Die Hard epic, investing some $50-60 million into the franchise.

It was even reported that the movie might leave its home territory of America to shoot in Russia.

According to TwitchFilm, 56-year-old Willis, who portrays the indefatigable policeman John McClane, will be sent to Russia together with his son, where they will come to grips with certain “local forces.”

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