Bulgarian police look for suspect of Soviet Army monument vandalism

Bulgarian policemen are looking for a vandal, who defiled a monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia on Saturday night, Bulgaria’s information agency Novinite reported.

Police already have a photograph of the suspect and after he is detained he will have to pay a fine for vandalism, while the authorities say he would also have to wash the monument.

An unknown suspect painted the bronze Soviet flag into the colors of the American flag and painted Soviet soldiers into Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Batman, Robin, Joker and other characters of U.S. comic books.

He has also left an inscription on the bronze monument that translates from the Bulgarian language as ‘in pace with the time.’

Since the fall of the communism in Bulgaria in 1989, the monument to the Soviet Army has been subjected to numerous acts of vandalism perpetrated by various ideological groups and individual vandals.

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