Cars beat metro into Moscow center in morning rush hour

Despite the capital’s ever-growing traffic troubles, the fastest way to get into Moscow city center in the morning is by car.

This is according to a survey carried out by Yandex, Russia’s most powerful search engine.

Only those living next to the most remote metro stations travel faster using public transport. In the evening, however, the situation is reversed as the metro is the fastest way to get home.

Yandex also found that there are certain parts of the city that are 30 per cent faster to get to or from by car at any time of day. They are located mainly in the north and west of Moscow. The number of districts where public transport always wins is far fewer.

The survey looked at 600,000 routes. The impact of bus lanes was not taken into account.

In September 2011, a major IBM survey found that Moscow is the eighth-worst city in the world to be a driver. Many of the respondents reported that they have to wait in traffic jams for over three hours.

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