Cirque behind Kremlin walls

Moscow’s Kremlin is to be occupied by dozens of clowns and illusionists, as the world-famous Canadian troop, ‘Cirque du Soleil’ brings its new show to the Russian capital.

For over two spring months, the unusual visitors will reside in Moscow’s best known ancient monument – right next to the Kremlin Palace, where their spectacular shows will take place. This will be the longest time a foreign troop has ever occupied the Kremlin.

Surely a memorable experience for the performers, the decision is also expected to benefit the Kremlin itself. Moscow authorities hope that the artists’ presence will help attract more visitors and demonstrate all that the Kremlin concert hall can offer.

“We have often been criticized for keeping the Kremlin closed to the general public,” press secretary of the Kremlin’s directorate, Viktor Khrekov, told Izvestia newspaper. “Now everyone is welcome to see the show.”

Currently, the Federal Security Service is developing a security scheme to be in place when the troop arrives. The officers say the challenge is quite serious, since the troop consists of several foreign residents, while the Kremlin is an important object of national heritage.

“All the artists will receive clear instructions stating where they can go and where they can’t,” said an anonymous source from the Service.

Meanwhile, Cirque du Soleil’s show will be so technically challenging that the Kremlin Palace itself will undergo a revamp: the artists will need to use the space right above the audience. The makeover will be financed by private investors.

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